Patio Furniture Color


Outdoor patio furniture offers a wide variety of designs and colors that can help you create your dream backyard or patio. Wicker patio furniture is offered in black, brown, and white and in a variety of textures and woven patterns. Similar to wicker, aluminum patio furniture is offered in black, silver, dove, white, and brown. But how do you choose? We thought we could help. Check out our 5 things to consider when choosing your outdoor patio furniture color.

Use/Wear And Tear
Depending on how you plan on using your patio furniture can influence the color that you choose. If your furniture will be subject to lots of wear and tear whether it from your children or pets it may be beneficial to choose a darker color for your wicker or aluminum set. Since patio furniture can become dirty due to nature, children, or pets a darker color could help disguise some of the dirt.

Think About Contrasts
When looking to purchase a new patio furniture set it is best to assess the existing colors that you already have in your space. It can be helpful to have some contrast between your patio furniture and the surroundings. For example, if your patio or backyard has more dark colors you may want to add a lighter color to the mix. Remember that even if you decide not to have some contrast between your outdoor environment and your patio furniture there are always cushions, which come in over 200 different fabrics.

Plan Around Elements That Can’t Be Changed
Unless you are doing a complete renovation of your property there are some things that cannot be changed in an outdoor space. Such things like roof color, pathways, brick color, windows, and mature vegetation will remain the same. These outdoor elements should be taken into consideration when selecting outdoor patio furniture colors.

Visual Effect
When choosing your patio furniture color, you should think about the overall visual effect you want. If your backyard or patio has lots of tree coverage you may want to choose a brighter color so that the furniture stands out or a darker one to help it blend it. Different colors can change the whole look of a space so it is important to think about these things beforehand.

Your Home’s Architecture
Lastly, when choosing your outdoor furniture color it is crucial that you take your home’s architecture into consideration. This includes fences, decks, and your home’s exterior. For example, if your house has more of a coastal look we suggest trying a white or dove color for your furniture. Try to think of the entire design of your property and picture what fits in best with your outdoor space.

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