Trying to find the perfect outdoor fire pit? Outdoor fire pits make a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, creating the focal point of your backyard, an ambiance, and an outdoor escape. We share 7 important points on how to choose the right outdoor fire pit to ignite the social gathering.

1. Propane or Natural Gas

Propane comes in tanks, which means that you are free to move the focal point of your gathering to your preference. Natural gas outdoor fire pits require a gas line, which means that your outdoor fire pit would have to be stationary.

2. Shape

Select the right shape that goes together with your patio furniture. Outdoor fire pits come in square, round and rectangular models. Each shape has their benefits. For instance, a square is suitable for an outdoor lounge area surrounded by deep seating patio furniture. This creates an intimate 4 person seating. A circular model is ideal for curved seating patio furniture, whereas a rectangular model is suitable in front of an outdoor love seat or outdoor sofa.

3. Height

Select the appropriate height to your liking. Outdoor fire pits come in different dimensions. Before picking the outdoor fire pit, ensure that the height suits the social activities and your patio furniture. For instance, a short outdoor fire pit goes best for outdoor conversations with deep seating patio furniture, whereas a higher outdoor fire pit accommodates patio dining chairs and outdoor bar stools.

4. Finish/Style

Choose the best look and feel of the outdoor fire pit’s frame that goes perfectly with your patio furniture.

5. Select Table Top

Choose the best colour that blends with the colours of your patio furniture.

6. Select Fire Glass

Fire glass pieces give beautiful refractions of light, and are provided in different sizes and colours, such as Clear Ice, Brown Ice, and Clear Pebble. Pick the colour that suits best with the frame of your outdoor fire pit and your patio furniture.

7. Select Wind Barrier

Glass wind barriers offer a modern style, and especially, protects from the fire. When selecting a wind barrier, which is provided in glass, ensure that the size of the wind barrier frame matches the shape of your outdoor fire pit.


Outdoor fire pits come in many beautiful designs. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own preference. Keeping these points in consideration should help your decision in choosing the right outdoor fire pit.