As a business owner or homeowner looking to get the most out of their luxury patio furniture, you will usually first take into account the weather and environment in your area. Start your search by looking for furniture with frames made out of durable materials like stainless steel and cast aluminum. If you’re into a wicker look for your patio furniture, choose long-lasting outdoor wicker. Water resistant, weather resistant, and easy to carry, this is a great option if you are looking for an all year solution that will continue to hold up.

However, there is more to the durability and aesthetics of your outdoor furniture than just its frame. Fabrics allow you to completely customize the look of your furniture with a wide range of color choices along with the potential to add accent cushions to create beautiful luxury patio furniture. Cabana Coast’s patio furniture is created with high-quality, Sunbrella outdoor fabric that is designed to withstand fading, and be mold, chlorine and stain resistant.

No matter the time of year, you can customize your luxury patio furniture with fabrics that match the seasons that they serve.

Winter and Fall:
While bright colors seem out of place in the colder seasons, winter and fall is the time to indulge in rich two tone colors such as the warm and rich Mercer Crimson (A CabanaCoast® Exclusive fabric) or the earthy and cozy Sequoia; both of which look great covering your luxury patio furniture on a heated deck overlooking the change of seasons or a possible blanket of snow.

You might also want to indulge in deep patterns or even floral tones like Marble or Newbury Sunset to provide a splash of color amidst a tranquil white winter scene.

Spring and Summer, the Season Of Solids

Summer and spring are seasons of warmth, where timid cool winter and fall shades are replaced with bright, lively ones. This is also the season when outdoor pools are uncapped, and hotel or apartment residents come out of their rooms to enjoy the water under the sun. These summer seasonal spaces are a wonderful place to utilize solids in luxury patio furniture. Any pool looking to get attention would benefit from Macaw or Echo Limelight fabric covering while an establishment looking to create a restful poolside environment might cover their luxury patio furniture with a more subtle and relaxing color such as the soft Glacier or even the rejuvenating Tangerine.

Amidst lush gardens that occur in spring, sometimes lasting through mid-summer, patio furniture greatly benefits from an orderly pattern such as the CabanaCoast® Exclusive fabric Junction Charcoal or Blox designs. Other drier climates benefit from adding life directly to their fabrics in such patterns as the Moss or Cabaret Blue Haze that add a soft touch of plant life that remains an appropriate decor choice that can be easily matched with other fabrics.

Looking To Mix and Match?

Cabana Coast offers a handy guide to help you find the perfect fabric and color combination to make sure any color scheme will wow your visitors, guests, or clientele. Try integrating a new matching fabric to liven up your solid color scheme, or pick a new matching set of fabrics for a new season. This document is a handy guide for professional designers and novices alike, and is a great tool when crafting the perfect solution by yourself or for brainstorming ideas to discuss for when you call the professionals at Cabana Coast.

Want to see how your favorite fabrics look on our luxury patio furniture? Try our Patio Furniture Fabric Customization Tool. This unique tool allows you to preview your fabric and finish choices on all of our lounge chairs and patio furniture sets.

Enjoy the change of seasons, and stay outdoors!