Choosing the best cushions for outdoor furniture can be tricky. We all want the comforts of indoor furniture on our outdoor furniture, and with Cabana Coast’s line of cushions for your patio chairs, sofas, and loveseats, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort when you decide to take your meal or party outside. Outdoor furniture is built to last in the elements— snow, rain, sun, etc.—so it is often made of metal or another hard, sturdy, dependable material. These materials are great for avoiding damage from the elements, but they can be hard to sit on. That’s why Cabana Coast sells top notch cushions for outdoor furniture. These products are designed to resist damage from moisture and spills, and last as long as your sturdy outdoor bench. Here are a few aspects of these cushions for outdoor furniture:

  • Mold resistant. Our outdoor furniture cushions are made to resist mold build-up, so you don’t have to worry about possible exposure to allergenic mold that can also damage your cushions beyond repair. Once mold starts in materials common in most cushions, it can be almost impossible to get rid of and still be able to use the cushion. Cabana Coast’s cushions for outdoor furniture are made from mold resistant materials and make it difficult for water to soak up the interior of the cushion in the first place.
  • Quick drying. This is one reason our cushions are mold resistant. Mold loves wet, dark places, and Cabana Coast cushions are not a hospitable place for mold because they resist water build up. Even when they are left in the rain, they don’t need much time to dry out, therefore avoiding mold build up and other problems with wet cushions. (Like sitting on one!)
  • Easy to clean. Because of the fabric used on Cabana Coast cushions (more on that later) these cushions are very easy to clean. Most spills and stains can be taken care of with a wet fabric immediately after the spill. The cushion covers are fully machine washable and can be made to look like new without fading.
  • Sunbrella fabric. This material is used on all Cabana Coast cushions for outdoor furniture. It is made to protect the cushion from fading or otherwise getting damaged by sunshine. This fabric also helps keep moisture out and protects the cushion from stains, therefore making the cushions easy to clean and keep mold free even in the wettest environments.
  • Stylish. Our cushions are designed to match perfectly with our outdoor furniture, and their style speaks to this fact. Our fabrics can also coordinate with many other outdoor patio sets and fit in with most metal or wicker standard outdoor furnishings.

Take a look at our selection of outdoor furniture cushions. They are perfect of course for your home, but they can also be used effectively at restaurant patios as well. You can keep your customers happy in your outdoor seating area and entertain guests at your home with these comfy, easy to clean and maintain cushions. Our line of cushions for outdoor furniture is meant to please even the most discerning tastes in style and comfort. With our patented Sunbrella fabric, you won’t have to worry about your new cushions being damaged by long periods of sun exposure or inclement weather. Our cushions, like all of our products, are built and designed to last and bring joy to your outdoor gatherings for as long you need them.