Outdoor QuickDry Cushions

Cushions are such an integral part of your patio furniture set as they can dress up a space and add character to it. Not to mention they make your patio furniture look beautiful and can be extremely comfortable.  But do you hate waiting for your cushions to dry? If so, you should choose QuickDry Foam for your outdoor patio furniture cushions.  Below we have compiled a list of benefits of QuickDry Foam.

1. QuickDry Foam is 2.2 High Density

So what does this mean? Without getting too technical, foam density is the measurement of how much air is in the foam. The higher the density, the better the foam. These higher density foams tend to last longer as little air gets trap inside the foam making it easier for water to drain out and harder for mold to grow. In comparison premium foam cushions have a density of 1.8 which is already very high.

2. Premium Quality

Both QuickDry Foam and Premium Foam are made with the highest quality material. These two types of cushions are mold and mildew resistant, however, the big difference between the two materials is that QuickDry Foam has maximum water drainage and air circulation.

3. Will Stand Up to the Elements for Years

It can be a nuisance to buy cushions and only have them last for one season. However, QuickDry patio furniture cushions will last you for years to come. Due to the high-density foam and the ability for the liquid to flow quickly through the foam, the cushions will continue to look great. Even with wear and tear over the years they will still dry quickly and be resistant to mold.

4. High-Performance Foam Design

This high-performance form design allows water to quickly flow through the foam. This means that less water gets trapped inside making it easier for the cushions to dry. Like the name suggests, these cushions will dry quicker than Premium Foam cushions.

5. QuickDry Foam Immediately Drains

QuickDry Foam immediately drains water through the whole piece of foam. This is due to their large, open pores that allow water to drain and fresh air to circulate freely,  while with Premium Foam the water flows over the top and down the sides. This means that the cushion takes longer to absorb and process the water.

If you think QuickDry outdoor cushions would be a great addition to your outdoor patio furniture, shop CABANACOAST® today!