Finding the perfect outdoor sectional for your patio can be a challenge. As a consumer you need to make sure the colours are complimentary to your decor or theme, that the size of your furniture is correct and suits your space, you must choose pillows and fabric that is weather resistant, and most importantly, you must choose an outdoor sectional that fits within your budget.

Many manufacturing companies require the consumer to complete full or partial assembly of their outdoor sectional, which can be a challenge for many homeowners. Investigate the possibility of purchasing a product that comes fully assembled or can be bought this way for an extra cost. Cabana Coast offers fully assembled outdoor furniture that you can begin to enjoy as soon as you bring it home.

When choosing an outdoor sectional, some of the factors you must consider are:

–          Is it durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements?
CabanaCoast Products are all-weather and we have custom outdoor protective covers to fit any of our sectional combinations.

–          Is the sectional comfortable?
CabanaCoast is known for our comfortable cushions and our frames are solid even in the seating area – no webbing here!

–          Does it fit into my existing space and decor?
With almost 200 Sunbrella fabric choices plus different frame finishes and style options, you are sure to find a sectional that suits your needs.

Doing your homework before you shop for your outdoor sectional will let you have a positive shopping experience and not be overwhelmed. Make sure you measure your outdoor space so you can get an idea of the size and positioning of the sectional you are looking to purchase. Take paint swatches, fabric samples and dimensions with you to ensure your purchase the sectional you want.

Browse Cabana Coast’s online catalogue before you buy to get an idea of the type of sectional you might like and what materials you’d prefer it to be constructed from. Our website will also give you an idea of all the different configurations, including their dimensions, that can be made from our outdoor sectional modules. The great thing about sectionals is that you can create a completely custom seating area!

Contact us today to locate a Cabana Coast retailer near you to start your search for the perfect outdoor sectional.