When looking to add outdoor patio cushions to your backyard living space, it pays to make sure you know what you are looking for before you go shopping. There can be a huge difference in quality when it comes to patio furniture cushions. Knowing how to identify these differences will ensure that you are investing in the best cushions that will last you for years.

High Quality Patio Cushions

Here are the things you want to look for:

1.      Density
The higher the density of your cushions, the higher the quality – and comfort – will be. High density patio cushions have a longer life span and therefore, they are worth investing in. Cabana Coast offers cushions with 1.8 high density foam, which is what you want to look for. Not only will this density allow for a longer lifespan of your cushions but it will also enhance the comfort of your outdoor living space. Remember to always choose a higher density cushion so you do not have to constantly replace worn out cushions.

2.      Sewing Detail
In order to ensure that your patio furniture cushions are durable and high quality, make sure to take a look at the stitching. Loose threads and uneven stitches are a sign that the cushion you’re looking at is not high-end. The more detailed the sewing is, the higher quality cushion you are buying. Cabana Coast ensures that all cushions are sewn to perfection with a focus on detail to ensure durability and quality.

3.      Sunbrella Fabrics
Sunbrella fabrics are more durable and reliable then others fabrics on the market, which is why you should choose this type of fabric for your outdoor cushions. Cabana Coast offers patio furniture cushions that are designed with Sunbrella fabrics of many colours and patterns to suit your personal style. When making the choice to buy Sunbrella cushions, you are making the choice to invest in high quality, durability, style, comfort and an environmentally friendly product.

Being informed before you buy your outdoor patio cushions is the key to choosing items that will last you for years. Now that you know what to look for in your patio furniture cushions, you can be confident in your choice. By investing in cushions that have high density, detailed sewing work and are made from Sunbrella fabrics you can be rest assured that the cushions you choose will look great and be comfortable for you to enjoy.