Resin wicker patio furniture is made of a synthetic material that requires minimal maintenance and is extremely durable, making it an excellent material for use in patio furniture. Despite a common misconception, wicker is not a material, but a method of weaving. Predominantly used for outdoor furniture, resin wicker has slowly replaced rattan, which is a natural fiber gained from the rattan tree. We all recall the deep seated wicker chairs from our grandparents or parents. However, rattan tends to lose its elasticity because of the elements that gradually break down its color. That is the main reason why resin wicker patio furniture was invented and is now widely used to create beautiful and durable outdoor furniture.

 Resin wicker looks very similar to rattan, but it is not prone to the impact of the elements. This material is highly valued for its resistance to UV radiation, humidity and water. The color never fades away because it is added throughout the production process and is basically part of the fiber. As a result, resin wicker maintains its appeal for many years, which makes resin wicker patio furniture a great investment.

Usually woven on an aluminum frame, resin wicker provides stability and seating comfort. However, the greatest advantage of resin wicker furniture is the incredible ease of maintenance and minimal care that comes with it. It does not require repainting and its colors remain as fresh for many years. As far as cleaning goes, here are some tips on how to care for your resin wicker patio furniture:

    • Hose down all dirt and debris that accumulates over the summer; it is rarely anything more than the typical dust that gets in between the woven fibers. Usually, a hose will do the trick and leave your furniture sparkling clean.
    • If you feel that there are areas that require special attention, then you can use a soft bristle brush to care for those specific areas. To make your cleaning even more effective, you can use a solution of water (1 gallon) and a quarter of a cup of dish soap or a mild detergent.
    • How thoroughly you clean your resin wicker patio furniture is really up to you. If you clean it regularly, you shouldn’t have to work too hard. But if you leave your furniture to accumulate dirt in the little nooks and crannies then you may have to scrub the dirt and grime a bit more.
    • In the unfortunate event that you are faced with tree sap or mildew on your wicker patio furniture, you need to use a different kind of cleaner. Avoid prolonged exposure to certain cleaning agents as it may end up bleaching or fading your precious furniture.
    • The most important step of cleaning your resin wicker furniture is to make sure you meticulously rinse it off after cleaning. Do not allow any soapy residue to remain in between the weaves. Drying? Nothing simpler! Just let your wicker furniture to dry out in the sun for a couple of hours or more.

Resin wicker patio furniture is used in a variety of outdoor furniture from pool lounges to patio dining sets, outdoor sofas, and bar chairs. Resin wicker is also becoming trendy in commercial patio furniture, appearing as bar furniture, restaurant furniture and hotel furniture.

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