At Cabana Coast, we have many unique garden bench designs to choose from. Garden benches differ in every conceivable way: size, material, color, style, to fit in with any outdoor decoration scheme. Each basic design has its own particular advantages and fits in with its own distinct set of furniture. These designs are also all suited to any climate, their durability never a question if it comes from Cabana Coast, which specializes in selling only the most versatile and durable outdoor furniture on the market. Here a few of the unique garden bench designs available from Cabana Coast’s selection:

  • Flight Dining Benches. Benches from the Flight collection are all made with SolWeave© Outdoor Wicker material and are built to withstand the sun, rain, or snow. They come with the option of quick dry cushions, which keeps dampness out of the interior of the cushions. These sleek benches are made with an Aluminum frame, as well, to guarantee a sturdy seat for dinner or cocktails.
  • Verona Benches. These cast Aluminum benches look and feel like a luxurious bench you might actually find in Verona. Their elegant design brings a classical feel to your outdoor dinner parties on the deck. They can also make a perfect love seat for two.
  • Arc Benches. Another good cast aluminum option for those who want an elegant and classic look, the Arc bench is a wonderful choice. Available in Foster or Black frame finishes, these comfortable yet classy benches can transform any garden or patio.
  • Elan Benches. A solid, high end, luxury cast Aluminum bench with an attractive mahogany finish, this model looks like it just came out of a park in Paris. Another perfect bench for two love birds enjoying the outdoors, this bench is extremely durable and stylish, while still maintaining a cozy feel.
  • Mission Benches. Add a touch of contemporary flair to your patio with our Mission line of benches. Made from the same cast Aluminum as some of our other products, Mission benches are available in a rich mahogany or a deep black. These benches support your back with six curved slats coming down from the back frame.
  • Estate Benches. A classic cast Aluminum bench with interlaced beams in the back to hold you and your special someone, this bench is yet another Cabana Coast product to lend some style and chic to your back yard. The Estate bench is also available in Junction Charcoal hues, exclusive only to Cabana Coast.
  • Oasis Benches. Taking a step away from the classic bench style, these benches have slats that run the length of the model, from the ground on one side all the way to the other. Give your garden or patio a modern, stylish look with this cast Aluminum bench available in dark rum or mahogany.

These are a few examples of the garden bench designs that Cabana carries. Visit our website for more options. Our inventory pages feature beautiful photos of all of our garden bench designs. You are sure to find a particular design that works for you and your outdoor area.