Gardens are a productive source of inspiration for designers. There is nothing that defines best a garden than its palette of colors. Here are our top 7 colorful garden designs to inspire our customers in their efforts to create unique and wonderful gardens and backyard spaces:

Hedges – No other landscaping tool is more versatile than hedges. Often overlooked by contemporary landscape designers, hedges have adorned the magnificent gardens of European royalty for centuries. Hedges facilitate colorful garden designs and bring the charm of the old time royal courts into your very own back yard. They allow enclosure of great estates, divide small plots, and thwart unattractive views.

Terraces – Just perfect for those back yards where the landscape is rather wavy, terraces have always been a symbol of elegance and practicability. Modern garden designs include terraces as a means to add more color to dull and plain landscape designs. Terraces offer a chance to mingle brightly colored plants with high quality outdoor furniture.

Decks With Flowers – It can be difficult to manage a small back yard space, which you would love to transform into a brightly colored garden but also into a comfortable recreational area with cozy outdoor sofas and a dinner table. You can easily divide your space using a wooden deck which you can completely surround with flowers including on the outer side of the steps leading to the deck.

Archways of Roses – Again this is a wonderful design solution for cases where you cannot really expand horizontally so you need to go vertical. All backyards have an alley or stairs that lead from the house to the pool, garden or patio, or something in that area. You can create archways leading into your backyard and allow climbing roses or ivy to grow.

Japanese Garden – Japanese gardens are some of the most beautiful and colorful gardens in the world and quite easy to maintain as they don’t entail a specific order or space divisions. Plants are selected to grow naturally and fill the space in a very natural-looking manner.

Flower Planter – There are many wonderful garden designs that you can choose from. However, those that combine the colors of nature with exquisite outdoor furniture are among the most popular. A garden design that is easy to maintain from one year to another is a planter.  So choose oversized wicker planters and plant your favorite brightly colored flowers. Choose those plants that best withstand the weather in your area.

Colorful Pillows – If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can always incorporate a bit artificial color through your furniture and cushions. Cabana Coast offers pieces that will complement your garden designs.  You can choose from a wealth of bright colors, patterns, and textures in Sunbrella fabric to add a pop of color.

Ready to redesign your garden or backyard space? Cabana Coast has a huge selection of beautiful outdoor furniture to complement it. From wicker to stainless steel and traditional to ultra-modern, we have the perfect pieces to finish off your garden designs.