Light, bright, and airy are all words that come to mind when you picture a beautifully decorated outdoor space. Although darker frame colors like espresso and dark rum are stunning colors, we would like to focus on our new pearl wicker and white aluminum. Check out our top 5 reasons why you should buy white patio furniture below:

1. It is neutral
One great thing about white patio furniture is that it is extremely neutral. Using a neutral color for a patio furniture frame can be very beneficial as it can draw focus to pieces you want to showcase. However, we would like to assure you that our newest frame colors, pearl wicker and white aluminum, are anything but dull. The white neutral tones can create a very welcoming and comfortable outdoor space.

2. It can be used by the pool or beach
White patio furniture looks beautiful by a pool or a beach as it can create a relaxed and coastal atmosphere. The white frames contrast nicely with the deep sky blue of the pool or the blue-turquoise color of the lake or ocean.

3. It is perfect for summer heat
While darker frame colors like espresso and dark rum can heat up from the summer sun, frame colors like pearl and white will stay cooler. These lighter colors do not absorb as much sunlight preventing them from heating up as much as darker colors. Especially if you are living in a climate where the weather can get extremely hot, white patio furniture could be a great option!

4. It is versatile
White patio furniture can be used with almost any one of our 200 fabrics. Whether you want one of our bright Sunbrella fabrics or one of our darker Tempotest fabrics, both can go well with our pearl wicker and white aluminum. Currently, we love Sunbrella’s Aruba fabric and Tempotest’s Home Denim to go with our white patio furniture.

5. It is new and modern
Lastly, white patio furniture has a more modern look to it than some of our more classic or traditional style collections. The two patio furniture collections that we offer in both pearl wicker and white aluminum are the Zen collection and the Delano collection. Both collections are new for the 2017 patio season and would be described as trendy and contemporary looking.

If you are looking to purchase one of our new white patio furniture collections, visit your local dealer and shop CABANACOAST today!