Commercial Pool FurnitureHotels continue to put forth their best efforts to keep their guests happy. They invest a lot of time and money in decorating their outdoor spaces to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere that will keep their guests coming back. While indoor furniture is not such a challenge, choosing the right commercial pool furniture for hotels can be a test of taste and style. To help you choose the right type of outdoor furniture for your hotel, here are a few of CabanaCoast’s bestselling commercial pool furniture pieces you might consider incorporating into your design:

Dining Sets – Many people look forward to an alfresco dinner by the pool. It is a magnificent view and hotels choose dining sets as commercial pool furniture to achieve this highly sought-after ambiance. Elegant dining sets made of wicker or cast aluminum, decorate the area around the pool and offer guests a comfortable and unique setting where they can sip their wine and enjoy great food. The combination of cast aluminum and wicker, with the sleek and elegant lines of the dining sets and lounge chairs, make for a relaxing and beautiful space by the pool.

SectionalsSectionals are conversation sofas that represent a very popular alternative for poolside furniture. They create the ideal environment for people to meet new people or enjoy the company of their friends in a group setting. Sectionals usually involve creating a corner section around a table and accessorizing the space accordingly with ottomans, chair lounges, side tables, or even a day bed. Depending on your actual design preference, sectionals can render straight or circular lines. They can be arranged into closed circles or rectangular or they can be partially open allowing for more furniture pieces to be added at any time. The sectional corner is an essential piece in such commercial pool furniture arrangements. Sectionals are the benchmark of creativity generating absolutely unique and exclusive designs, which is why they are preferred by many hotels across the world.

Daybeds – One of the most impressive pieces of commercial pool furniture is the outdoor daybed. Made of wicker or cast aluminum with the look of teak furniture, the daybed comes in various shapes and reigns over the entire pool area as the ultimate space to relax.

Accessories – Sectionals and dining sets are just some of bestselling commercial pool furniture for hotels. However, their beauty and elegance is enhanced by accessories, such as vividly colored decorative cushions or the ever-burning fire pits. Cozy ottomans and classy planters are often scattered around between coffee tables and guests relaxing on the chaise lounges. Accessories like umbrellas, planters, matching waste receptacles and storage boxes can really add that finishing touch to make all your commercial pool furniture come together.

Over the last decades, the beauty and versatility of commercial pool furniture has had a great impact on the success of pools as an extension of the hotel.  Make your hotel’s pool area just as beautiful as your interior with gorgeous and function furniture from CabanaCoast. Click here to find your nearest retailer.