There are many challenges to apartment living, and finding the perfect mix of balcony furniture is one of them. Because outdoor space is limited due to smaller sized apartment balconies, it takes some imagination to create a comfortable environment in the open air. With the weather warming up, it’s the ideal time to start gathering pieces for your small outdoor space. Start with balcony furniture and build complementing decor from there. Let’s take a look at what you should look for in apartment patio furnishings:

Wicker Patio Furniture

The primary benefit of wicker balcony furniture is that it’s lightweight. This is especially valuable when you reside in an apartment on higher level floors, because you probably don’t want to lug heavy items up multiple flights of stairs. Wicker is also durable and easy to maintain, and if you choose seating with aluminum framing, you’ll have even more durability. Because wicker furniture is classically designed, it complements other styles of balcony furniture well, so you can mix and match pieces as you please.

Consider Useable Space

Because you’re working with restricted space, you want to find smaller-sized pieces that fit comfortably but still remain useful for regular use. If you’re planning on hanging out on the patio, consider propping an outdoor dining bench against a free wall or railing. You’ll be able to seat multiple people with this single piece, or you could even double it as a coffee table. A standalone sectional corner might work in an unfilled corner, but avoid crowding with bulky balcony furniture, because it won’t only look unattractive, but it will be impractical and inconvenient, too.

Low Maintenance Balcony Furniture

There are plenty of desirable furnishings that may catch your eye, but practicality is key for an apartment balcony, since you don’t have the luxury of storing unused or outdated pieces in a yard or garage. The furniture you choose will stay outside for a long period of time, so you want to look for materials that continue to look attractive, despite any kind the weather conditions. Like wicker, cast aluminum and stainless steel balcony furniture is durable, lightweight and requires little to no maintenance. Cast aluminum designs have more of a contemporary and artistic appeal, while stainless steel is simple yet modern. Both materials have a long lasting lifespan, and unlike wrought iron, you don’t have to worry about rust.


Once you’ve found the core set of balcony furniture, you can enhance your small space and show your personality with plants, patio cushions and patio accessories. If your balcony lacks shade or privacy, contemplate a folding patio umbrella. There are varieties that come with lights, so you have instant lighting for a night time soiree at your apartment. Eventually, your tastes may change, and it’s not practical to replace apartment balcony furniture every time this occurs. Outdoor patio cushions provide an easy solution, especially when they’re custom made just for you.

When you live an apartment, every inch of available space is valuable. Sadly, the apartment balcony is widely neglected, but you can create a warm and inviting outdoor environment if you choose the right balcony furniture for your situation. Cabana Coast is proud to create and offer high quality outdoor patio furniture in a wide variety of styles and functionalities. Contact us today to locate a dealer near you!