When you’re ready to relax in your favorite space outdoors, you need an outdoor chaise lounge that can live up to your expectations, right? A chaise lounge is similar to a recliner, but with a long base that supports your head and legs. It either has no back or a long back that runs the length of the outdoor chaise lounge.

There are some important factors when buying an outdoor chaise lounge. For example, you want one that complements your style. Unless you’re into mixing decorating styles a modern chaise lounge and a Victorian porch don’t mix. Here are some other things to think about:

Consider the material

Material is an important factor to both the maintenance and looks. You have choices between the following;

  • Resin wicker.
  • Aluminum.
  • Stainless steel.

All of these materials are generally weather resistant. There are also chaise lounges that have a mix of materials. The Elegance chaise lounge is constructed of wicker, but has an stainless steel legs.

The material is important for maintenance, but also style. Each type of material brings a different look to an outdoor space. For instance, a Marine Grade Stainless Steel chaise lounge is made entirely of that material which gives it an ultra-modern twist.

Think about personal style and design

An outdoor chaise lounge comes in a variety of designs and styles. So here are some questions to answer:

  • Do you want an armless lounge?
  • Do you want one with a cushion?
  • Will you be moving the lounge around or will it be stationary?

You can choose an outdoor chaise lounge with plain or decorative armrests. Many people like armrests it helps them relax while reading a book. If armrests aren’t your style, you may be interested in an armless one. Imagine a long table-like bed. That’s how an armless outdoor chaise lounge looks. The Apex chaise lounge is designed to look like it has a wooden base even though it is made with cast aluminum. The back is movable so you can raise or lower it according to your personal preference. It also has a cushion that covers the entire lounge.

Speaking of cushions, you have an option to have a lounge with or without one. Cushions do make the chaise lounge more comfortable to relax in. Also, cushions allow you to change the look of the outdoor furniture piece.

Are you the type of outdoor decorator who likes to move furniture around? The furniture you like on your front porch suddenly looks better in the backyard. Maybe you entertain a lot and want an outdoor chaise lounge that rolls. The Pure chaise lounge is made with wheels that are stylish and connected to the back of the chair.

Consider the look you want

Are you planning to have additional outdoor furniture in the same area? For example, you may want a low dining group appearance which has tables and chairs that are low to the ground. Do you want to mix and match or have a uniformed look? Also, you want to think about the space where you plan to place your outdoor chaise lounge. Is it by the pool, on your front porch or patio?

Regardless of where you place your outdoor chaise lounge, you want to have fun picking it. You have many options whether it’s a stationary chaise lounge with cushions but no arms or something different.  You can choose a classic style that matches the rest of the exterior or something more unique.