teak furnitureIf you’re one of those families who spend many hours on your patio, you are going to want to be comfortable as you lounge around, but confident that your furniture looks good. Aluminum teak furniture is a good choice when you’re looking to purchase patio furniture that will update the look of your recreation space.

CabanaCoast offers several lines of aluminum teak furniture that come in conversation sets, sectionals, or dining sets. Our customers, whether they are individuals or commercial enterprises, often ask what the advantages of aluminum furniture are. Here are some of our answers:

  • Attractive: aluminum is a metal that is easy to work with, and as a result it can easily be cast into a variety of shapes and different sizes. For example, the Aura range is classically square, the Mission look is traditional, Apex is slatted and angular, Oasis is minimalist, while the Elan range is soft and circular. The colors of the ranges vary from a casual light gray to a rich brown to a smart black. It’s easy furniture to match with an existing patio decor or to give a whole new ambiance to an entertainment area.
  • Lightweight: aluminum furniture, due to the properties of the metal, is light in weight and thus easy to move around. If you are a family who likes to rearrange your furniture on a regular basis or often has to provide extra seating for unexpected guests, CabanaCoast aluminum teak furniture takes very little physical strength or time to shift it about. For this reason, also, it is ideal for those in the hospitality industry who are looking for furniture that can be easily transported and moved from place to place in a hotel or restaurant setting.
  • Functional: manufacturers don’t have to worry about the weight of the furniture and can add all sorts of functional features. For instance, a chair may have an extra slat to ensure that cushions remain in place, or a round table may have a slightly larger base so that it won’t wobble if someone knocks against it.
  • Durable: furniture made from aluminum does not rust and is extremely strong so it will not only last for years but will keep its beautiful appearance. All CabanaCoast teak aluminum furniture is powder coated with paints from top echelon suppliers, and put together using carefully matched stainless steel screws.
  • Maintenance-free: this aluminum teak furniture doesn’t need to be repainted or scrubbed to keep it clean. All it needs every now and then is a spray with a garden hose and a quick wipe with a cloth to get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Weather-resistant: aluminum furniture withstands years of pouring rain, fierce sun, and strong winds with no harm coming to it. If so inclined, you can cover it up in very inclement weather but it is usually not necessary.

CabanaCoast aluminum teak furniture is ideal for those aiming for a sophisticated yet informal effect on their home patio or business. It has many advantages over other types of patio furniture, and you can be sure that it will last and last. Feel free to contact us today if you have any other questions about our aluminum teak furniture.