fall_patio_tipsThere is no better or easier way to keep your Sunbrella patio cushions looking amazing for years than too keep up with simple and regular maintenance. Sunbrella fabrics have been specially designed to deliver hassle-free and easy cleaning. This fall is the perfect time to clean your cushions and outdoor furniture before storing it for the winter season. Here are 9 tips that can help you clean your Sunbrella fabrics and outdoor furniture properly:

  1. General cleaning or light cleaning is the first step towards keeping your patio furniture clean. Brush off any loose dirt you notice immediately from your Sunbrella patio cushions to prevent any serious staining that may occur if left alone.
  2. Use a simple cleaning solution to get rid of typical stains from dirt, grass or grime. You can make the solution yourself using ¼ cup of mild detergent added in a gallon of warm water. Use either a sponge or a soft-bristle brush to gently clean the stained area.
  3. After cleaning your Sunbrella fabric, you must rinse away all detergent residues from your cushions. Rinsing is the key to successfully maintaining the durability and strength of your patio cushions.
  4. Blot your cushions with a cotton towel after rinsing to remove excess water. Let your cushions air dry, and do not use them or store them away until they are completely dry to avoid the growth of mold or mildew.
  5. Cleaning mildew may be a challenge. Fortunately, Sunbrella fabrics do not promote mildew growth. However, you may still experience it if you fail to clean away debris or dirt regularly. Before storing your Sunbrella patio cushions and outdoor furniture for the winter, you need to make sure you clean away any traces of mildew growth.
  6. Add one cup of bleach to a simple cleaning solution (above) and you will have an excellent mildew remover. After cleaning, remember to rinse thoroughly.
  7. Fall is the perfect time to re-treat the fabric of your Sunbrella patio cushions to promote water resistance. Re-treating is very simple and you can use 303 High Tech Fabric Guard, which is ideal for Sunbrella fabrics. Usually retreatment is applied after every five years of use.
  8. Store your outdoor furniture in a dry place to protect the fabrics from deteriorating. In order to make sure you don’t have any surprises in the spring, make sure that all your furniture and also Sunbrella patio cushions are perfectly dry before you store them away.
  9. It is best to store your outdoor furniture indoors throughout the winter, but if you don’t have enough space available, you can still offer them protection by using special patio furniture covers designed for each piece. Sunbrella patio cushions are best kept inside when not in use.

If you follow the above suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your patio furniture when you bring it out again next spring. Have questions about cleaning and storing your patio furniture and cushions? Contact us today to learn more about keeping your Sunbrella patio cushions looking great.