modern patio furnitureWhen choosing your next set of patio furniture, the design you choose for it matters. If all of your patio furniture has the same design theme, then your entire patio’s style will flow perfectly. To that end, patio furniture with a modern design is an outstanding choice. Let’s explore some of the features of modern patio furniture that make it work so well.

1. Simplistic design Modern patio furniture design cuts out all of the extra swoops and swirls normally associated with other design styles. Instead, you will find clean lines and minimal patterns featured in a piece of patio furniture with a modern design.

2. Hidden functionality Some patio furniture design styles feature complicated appearances to match a wide array of functionality. Modern patio furniture, on the other hand, only takes one of these two traits. Instead of making its added functionality extremely obvious, a piece of patio furniture with a modern design will include that extra shelving or even a fire pit without it sticking out like a sore thumb. This all works to support the simplistic design theme that accompanies all modern patio furniture.

3. Sleek edges The edges of a piece of patio furniture with a modern design won’t be bubbly or include large ornate decor. Instead, each corner will be a sleek turn or curve that supports the clean lines of the rest of the piece. This gives each piece of patio furniture a crisp, fresh look.

4. Deceptive size Regardless of how big or small a patio is, there is a piece of modern patio furniture that will fit it perfectly. The clean lines and sleek edges discussed earlier work together to make a piece of modern patio furniture feel less bulky, while still allowing it to have maximum functionality. This way, you can seat as many guests on your patio as you need to without the space feeling crowded or uncomfortable.

5. A combination of neutral colors and pops of color A huge part of what makes a piece of patio furniture with a modern design stand out is its color scheme. When a piece of patio furniture incorporates a modern design, you can expect to see neutral colors like various shades of brown, grey, white and black; combined with these will be splashes of vibrant colors like sapphire blue and jockey red. This combination allows the furniture to flow seamlessly with any patio design, while still giving it a burst of life that will energize the entire space.

6. Layout-friendly design Modern patio furniture design means that the furniture will be created with a myriad of spaces in mind. For example, a staple of modern patio furniture design is a sectional outdoor couch, which can be fitted to work with any patio space, no matter how awkward it may seem to be at first.

7. Modern materials The materials are what create the finishes for patio furniture with modern designs. In addition to being durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions, the materials used have to work well with the clean lines and sleek edges already featured in the design. For this, you can expect to see a great deal of wicker, aluminum and stainless steel pieces of patio furniture.

Which modern patio furniture pieces will be on your patio? Patio furniture that features a modern design will transform even the most lifeless patio into your own personal getaway. Be sure to include this type of furniture in your next patio redesign. To explore all of your modern patio accessory and furniture options, visit Cabana Coast, a top provider of luxury patio solutions. <