patio-fire-pitThere is no other outdoor element that can add such drama to your outdoor space as a beautifully designed patio fire pit. Captured by an inexplicable feeling of attraction and seduction, many people choose to enhance their outdoor areas with a patio fire pit. Despite the impressive view and the fascination of the fire pit, fire is intrinsically dangerous and safety should always remain a top consideration.

Here are 7 essential patio fire pit safety tips that will allow you to enjoy its beauty without any unpleasant incidents:

  1. In order to avoid hefty fines, make sure that you are allowed to use your fire pit. Check out the regulations in your area and make sure you don’t buy your fire pit for decorative purposes only.
  2. The first and most important safety tip is to read the owner’s manual of your patio fire pit closely, paying particular attention to the safety instructions. Highlight them with a marker as you identify them to make sure that you are fully aware of them at all times.
  3. A very important thing about safety around fire is to always be prepared to put it out. Therefore, a fire extinguisher is a prerequisite when it comes to a patio fire pit. Ensure that you also have safety gloves at close range to handle the extinguisher and check its expiration date regularly.
  4. Having a fire under a tree seems to be a picture taken out of a storybook. However, it is highly impractical. Avoid placing your fire pit under hanging branches. Your patio fire pit manual should offer a recommended clearance for width and height.
  5. A patio fire pit presents a lot of risks when seated on unsteady surfaces. There are many advantages in moving around your fire pit from one place to another as per your convenience. However, you need to make sure that every time you move it, your patio fire pit sits on a flat, steady, and perfectly leveled surface.
  6. NEVER LEAVE THE FIRE UNATTENDED. This is the golden rule of owning a patio fire pit. This is a rule that especially applies for the safety of children. They have a way of being curious about everything and getting into all sorts of accidents.
  7. Do not use a patio fire pit in an enclosed area. Fumes are an issue and you should never neglect its negative effects.

When used safely, a patio fire pit can be a wonderful addition to your patio. Cabana Coast offers a range of fire pits in granite and cast aluminum finishes to match your existing outdoor furniture.

A patio fire pit is certainly a beautiful and attractive addition to your home. You can enjoy it safely by following some very simple rules. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher just in case. Don’t assume that you will know just how to react in an emergency situation.