When you think of the thought and time that can go into finding the perfect patio table and chair set, you’d think that everyone would do whatever they had to do to protect it.  Even the most elegant and luxurious patio furniture has a lifespan, but you can certainly add to it by taking some extra steps.  One of these steps is a rather simple one, and it is to buy the appropriate covers when you buy the furniture, and actually use them. 


Using patio table and chair covers will help your furniture in several ways…here are six of them:

1.  Keeps It Dry

Unless you have your patio table and chairs under a canopy of some sort, it’s going to get soaked every time it rains.  You may have taken measures to get ‘weatherproof’ patio furniture, but even if the tables and chairs are protected from water, cushions aren’t and the surfaces will still be wet if you want to use them shortly after a rainfall.  You know that if it’s dry it’s safe on all fronts, so why take a chance?

2.  UV Protection

On days when you’re at work or not using the patio furniture for whatever reason, the sun’s rays can fade your tables and chairs, depending on the materials you’ve chosen.  Covering it up during the day with a proper cover will keep those UV rays out and the furniture safe.

3.  Maintains the Elegance

Nothing is going to ruin the elegance of a patio table and chair set faster than fading or fraying or some other sign of damage.  Keep it covered when you’re not using it and during poor weather, so that it will remain elegant-looking for a long time.

4.  Keeps the Outdoor Vibe Going

Keeping the furniture fresh and undamaged will allow you to keep that outdoor vibe going for as long as you like.  Once you get comfortable eating and entertaining outside in the summer, it can be tough to move everything back inside.

5.  Keeps the Finish Durable

Keeping your furniture covered up when not in use will protect it from the elements, and prevent any premature deterioration of the frame materials. Not only will this keep your patio furniture looking great, but it will also ensure that it maintains its durability.

6.  It’s Ready For Any Occasion

Using covers for your patio table and chairs this summer means that it is ready to go for any occasion.  That means family gatherings, neighbourhood barbecues, important business meetings or anything else that comes up.

At Cabana Coast, we recommend patio furniture covers to all our customers so they can protect their investment in beautiful luxury outdoor furniture.