Backyard design is always a challenge, but it can become difficult when it involves small spaces. The art of design teaches experts a lot of tricks that allow them to transform even the smallest places into the most functional and airy areas. So how do they do it? Here are 8 backyard design tips for smaller spaces that you can use to convert an underused area of your home into a relaxing outdoor living space:

    • Use smaller pieces of outdoor furniture that fit the scale of your back yard. Keeping the right proportion between the footprint of your yard and the size of your furniture will make your space feel and look bigger. Imagine a really small bathroom with an immense bathtub. It will look smaller than it is. The same works for small sized backyards.


    • Keep it clean! It is a very important backyard design tip when it comes to small spaces. The cleaner the lines of your layout and arrangements, the bigger your space will appear. Avoid curvy, oversized pieces of furniture and other lines that require a lot of space to serve their design purpose.


    •  Use dual purpose furniture whenever possible. When you have a small backyard, it is really difficult to enjoy comfortable furniture and also have room for all the items that you need. So choose ottomans with a hidden storage space or sofas with a similar storage space. The world of outdoor furniture is full of multipurpose furniture items and storage solutions.


    • Somehow, furniture with legs looks less heavy on the space than those pieces that sit on the floor directly. They are airier and visually expand your backyard design.


    • Consider your furniture as part of the rest of the design. Therefore, choose furniture and accessories that blend in visually with the plants, your patio wood or stone color, and so on. The more your furniture stands out from your existing decor, the smaller your space will look.


    • Don’t use a continuous fence. Try to intersperse hedges with wood fencing and avoid outlining your small backyard with a continuous fence or hedge. A clear outline of a small space, especially if it’s a tall one, will make your yard look smaller than it really is.


Choosing the right size and shape furniture is an integral part of making sure your backyard design does not overwhelm a smaller space. Cabana Coast’s luxury patio furniture is available in many styles and sizes so you can choose the perfect outdoor furniture for your space. We also offer patio sectionals so you can customize your own outdoor seating arrangement. Click here to browse our full collection of patio furniture.