In order to complete your outdoor oasis, look for stylish accessories that complement your outdoor furniture set. Just like any living area in your home, your outdoor living space also requires accessories to add style and functionality to the space. We recommend the following 6 accessories to complement your outdoor furniture set.

1. Throw pillows
Outdoor Throw Pillow 

Throw pillows are a great way to make your outdoor space look more like a comfortable living space. Outdoor throw pillows will also allow you to add to your design by adding in pops of colour or patterns.

2. Furniture Covers
Outdoor Furniture Covers

This accessory is essential for any outdoor living space. After investing time and money into your furniture set, you want to ensure that you have the proper outdoor furniture covers for it. With rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions, make sure that your space is protected with covers. They are easy to throw over the furniture and do not take up a lot of space in storage.
3. Cushion Storage Boxes
Outdoor Cushion Boxes

When living in an area that experiences a wide variety of weather conditions, it is important to have cushion storage boxes. These bins will protect your cushions when it is raining so they’ll be in perfect condition for those sunny days. Match your storage box to your furniture set so it becomes a decorative piece to look at, rather than hide away.

4. Garbage Bin
Patio Furniture Accessories

Invest in a visually appealing garbage bin to complement your outdoor furniture. A garbage bin that matches the furniture adds sophistication and flow to your outdoor living space. You won’t have to worry about your garbage being an eyesore or take away from the beauty of your patio set.

5. Tea carts
Patio Tea Cart

A tea cart will make your backyard space more convenient because it is easily moveable. It is perfect for hosting parties or just hanging out outside, by allowing you to easily move food and drinks in and out of your home and around your patio.

6. Planters
Patio Planter

To add the beauty of nature to your outdoor living space, complement your outdoor furniture set with beautiful planters. Choose planters that complement your other accessories and furniture in order to add consistency and flow in your backyard.

Outdoor accessories add functionality and value to your back yard. They can also be stylish and complement your outdoor furniture set. Contact Cabana Coast today to find a patio set accessories retailer near you.