The patio is that wonderful outdoor space that can host magical family moments and offer the best relaxation times. Having a patio adjacent to your home is a high impact asset and you need to fully maximize its potential. There are many ways that you can transform your boring patio into an amazing space and here are five simple ways to do it using nothing more than outdoor furniture.

1. Outdoor Daybeds

The daybed is one of the most comfortable and luxurious types of furniture that you can add to your patio. Choosing a daybed with a rounded shape will make your patio look like an oasis, an actual retreat where you can disconnect from the rest of the world and indulge in the comfort of spending time outdoors. Daybeds are usually made from wicker on a solid aluminum frame. Their comfort comes from the cushioning of the lofty seating while their beautiful look is accented by the colourful pillows scattered around.

2. Outdoor Fire Pits

Although the outdoor fire pit may not be considered a piece of furniture, it is a wonderful outdoor accessory that will complement your choice of outdoor furniture with elegance and taste. It looks great and it will definitely transform a really boring patio into an amazing space. There is a wealth of products at your disposal from outdoor furniture producers in this direction. We offer outdoor fire pits made of cast aluminum and granite with several glass options and a stainless steel burner. They can either work on propane or natural gas and the variety of designs is impressive.

3. Outdoor Oval Table

Round and rectangular tables are great, but if you really want to furnish your patio with a special piece of outdoor furniture then you should choose an oval table. The outdoor furniture industry is quite diverse and accommodates some of the most fantastic designs. Oval tables bring a unique shape to your patio.

4. Outdoor Patio Side Tables

Coming in different shapes, usually round or square, side tables complement a traditional outdoor furniture dining set. They are functional and do not take up much space. You can use side tables to place your glass of wine in the evenings, favorite magazine, or book. They can be made of cast aluminum or a combination of wicker and glass or wicker and granite. They can have a small storage space underneath the tabletop or they can have a futuristic design. You have a plethora of options at your fingertips.

5. Chaise Lounges

Today, chaise lounges created for outdoor use on patios enjoy a fantastic design and are made of durable materials. There are a variety of models made of stainless steel, wicker or cast aluminum, in many different finishes. With the right seating, the chaise lounge will make a high impact addition to your patio, turning it into the ultimate relaxation space.

Be sure to check out the variety of colours, textures, and finishes Cabana Coast has available to transform your patio into your very own private oasis.