wicker-patio-furniture-setIf your family includes kids of varying ages, choosing outdoor furniture can become somewhat of a challenge.  You want your outdoor area to be a stylish extension of your interior design, you want it to be comfortable for entertaining, but you also want it to be kid-friendly and safe for the little ones.

You can probably find justifications for a bunch of different materials and styles, but for a great family friendly choice, you don’t really have to look any further than wicker.  It might not seem as sexy and trendy as some others types of outdoor furniture, but it is the ideal choice.  Here are 5 reasons why a wicker outdoor table and chairs set is a family friendly choice. 

1.  Lightweight

Wicker is a lightweight material, which means it is easy to move around for all members of the family.  This is handy for family get-togethers or if you need the kids to push a chair to a different part of the patio.  The lightweight design of wicker also means that if a chair tips onto one of the children, injury isn’t likely.

2.  Easy to Clean

Everyone knows that most of time, kids and messes go hand in hand, especially when they’re out on the patio having fun in the summer.  Luckily, wicker is very easy to clean with just a cloth and some soapy water.  For most spills you won’t even need the soap.

3.  Stylish

For many of you, wicker and stylish shouldn’t be spoken in the same sentence, but with contemporary wicker furniture this won’t be the case.  Wicker tables and chairs are available in stylish designs, and you can add to it by including cushions to contrast or complement the style and colours of the furniture.

4.  Durable

Wicker tables and chairs that have an aluminum frame will be some of the most sturdy patio furniture you’ll ever find.  The wicker itself is strong and durable, but the added strength of aluminum will help it stand up to even the most energetic kids.

5.  Weather Resistant

Whether you have a big family, a small family or something in between, your outdoor tables and chairs must be able to withstand the elements.  Take your environment and local weather patterns into consideration when you choose wicker tables and chairs, and be sure to have them coated with any products that will help them to maintain their strength and look through all kinds of weather.

At Cabana Coast, we have a wide range of outdoor wicker styles to choose from.  Browse our collection online or contact us today to find a retailer near you.