Summer is coming and there are plenty of great reasons why you should enjoy the outdoors while eating a delicious meal. Check out our top 10 reasons why you should pick-up your plate and move the party outside!

1. Fresh Air is Good for You
It’s true what they say, fresh air can really clear the mind so what better excuse to get outside and dine with your friends and family.

2. Good for Entertaining
One of the main reasons to dine outside is that it is the perfect space for entertaining. Guests can gather around the BBQ while the grill is on, sit at the bar or dining table and engage in conversation, and relax on your patio furniture.

3. Keeps Smells Outside
When cooking inside, smells can linger for a couple of days whether they are good or bad. However, when you are cooking strong smelling foods outside, these smells will be cleared away by the air leaving your backyard and house staying fresh.

4. It is Healthier
Sitting outside on a patio in the summer can be very relaxing as you are able to sit back and enjoy the warm weather and view. Although restaurant patios can be beautiful, eating out so often can be very unhealthy. Instead, create your own customized restaurant on your backyard patio as you will have more control over what type of foods you eat.

5. Lots of space
Eating outside is perfect if you have lots of friends and family. Since there is a lot of room outside, your outdoor space will not feel overcrowded with guests.

6. Invite Dogs
By having a party outdoors instead of inside, dogs are much more welcome as they have the whole outside to play and run around.

7. Kids Paradise
Due to the increased amount of space, kids will have no problem running around, while avoiding damaging expensive household items. This gives the adults time to engage in conversations with their friends without worrying about entertaining the kids.

8. Decorating is Easier
Decorating is much easier when throwing an outdoor party as you don’t have to worry about the decorations ruining your walls or creating as big of a mess. Incorporating string lights and music will add to the ambiance.

9. Eating Outside at Night
Those summer nights spent outside are some of our favorites! When the sun eventually goes down, candles, a fire pit, and outdoor lighting have a distinctive romantic look and feel.

10. Enjoy the Outdoors
Take every moment in and enjoy relaxing outdoors with nature as summer is only here for a limited time so make the most of it.

If you are looking to dine outdoors this summer, shop CABANACOAST® patio furniture today!