Since the 2017 patio season is now underway we would like to introduce some of our new fabrics that we have incorporated into our fabric collection this year. Check out some of our favorites below!

Spotlight Pebble
Spotlight Pebble is a great addition to our fabric collection this year. This fabric is a beautiful mix of silver and gray and will go great with your outdoor patio furniture. Try it with fabrics Spotlight Ash or Linen Natural.

Spotlight Ash
Like Spotlight Pebble, Spotlight Ash is another gorgeous fabric created by Sunbrella. It is also a mix of silver and gray, however, it has a touch of white which makes it lighter in color. We suggest trying it with one of our other new Sunbrella fabrics Loft Turquoise.

Loft Turquoise
Speaking of Loft Turquoise, this new textured fabric could be a great addition to your outdoor space. It is a brilliant blend of blue and green that creates a stunning turquoise color. Why not try coordinating it with fabrics like Canvas Granite and Spa.

Loft Grape
The new Loft Grape Sunbrella fabric is a stunning textured fabric that is fade resistant and easy to clean. Loft Grape is a lovely shade of purple that has both light and dark elements to it. This fabric can be used as an accent color with other fabrics like Volt Sand and Dusk.

Escapade Vivid
One of our new striped fabrics from Sunbrella is the striking Escapade Vivid. This beige fabric has a mix of gray and yellow with blue accents. Try coordinating it with fabrics Regatta or Black.

Integrated Pewter
This geometric patterned fabric may be one of our new favorites. This Sunbrella fabric offers a perfect mix of ivory and silver. We suggest coordinating Integrated Pewter with fabrics Spectrum Mushroom and Flax.

Integrated Steel
If you like the pattern of Integrated Pewter but are looking for something a little darker, we suggest trying Sunbrella’s Integrated Steel fabric. This combination of gray and silver goes great with other fabrics like Home Sand and Spotlight Pebble.

Home Denim
This Tempotest denim color would be a great addition to your backyard or patio. This navy blue color has a hint of gray which would go well with Canvas Granite or Maxim Denim.

Maxim Denim
This striped Tempotest fabric could help create some dimension for your cushions. The dark blue denim against the white creates a settle contrast. We suggest coordinating this fabric with Cast Silver or Spectrum Carbon.

Luxe Denim
The last new addition to our fabric collection is the beautiful patterned fabric Luxe Denim. This Tempotest fabric creates a beautiful look with the combination of three colors. This white, denim blue, and navy blue fabric would go great with Spectrum Indigo and Home Denim.

If you are interested in any of our new fabrics for your patio furniture why not shop CABANACOAST® today!